The letter to the Ephesian church is a robust theological unpacking of the story of the gospel. In it Paul uses high and weighty language to lay out for the church what has been achieved for us in the heavens through Christ. However, the beautiful doctrines laid before God’s people are not left detached from the real and sometimes mundane matters of everyday life. In Ephesians Paul connects the beauty of heavenly truth with the details of our day; the work of God in Christ with the duty of every woman, man, and child; the working of the plan of God and the establishment of the Church. 

Ephesians weaves the story of the gospel into the story of our lives thereby reshaping all of life in light of the glorious good news of Jesus Christ. Our verse by verse journey through this wonderful epistle will help us to grasp the truths of Christ as we see how everything — the Church, our marriages, our jobs, our families, the fight against evil, the hard work of building unity, etc. — is connected to what Jesus Christ has done in his coming, living, dying and rising.