The hope of redemption

As a community of Christ followers we hope to remove barriers typically associated with religiosity and churchy subculture so that Jesus can be seen for who he truly is. We want our neighbors and friends here in St. Pete to see the relevance of the gospel to their lives. The truth of the gospel fulfills our greatest desires and it is a message that we hope to communicate free of judgmental, distanced and insincere verbiage. saint pete has a unique culture and spiritual climate and we want to work hard at understanding our city and therefore contextualize our message and ministry to reach the diversity of unchurched, de-churched and spiritually disinterested people who call this great city home. 

We believe there will be repeated scenes of redemption and reconciliation in Saint Pete as individuals, families, neighborhoods and sub-cultures encounter the good news message of Jesus Christ. Our hope is that each episode of redemption will carry momentum through the lives of those touched by grace to redeem and restore the culture with a groundswell of light and hope. In this hope we have the assurance that Jesus is enough, that his grace will erase darkness as many are led to freedom in him. 

Stonehouse Church is in Saint Pete to labor by God’s grace to make disciples of Jesus - seeking the transformation of the city to our great joy, the benefit of all and the glory of God. 

(banner photo credit to City of St. Pete)