The Bible unfolds for us the grand narrative of God’s redemption. This is the big story of how he has and is at work in the world he created to bring us back from our rebellion into reconciled relationship with him. Because this story does and must include the lives of sin-wrecked humans (that’s all there is after all) we have an abundant history to draw from that includes God confronting and addressing sinful people in order to draw them into his greater purposes.

Together we will track through the Biblical narrative by looking at questions God poses to some of the Scripture’s most familiar names. Adam. Moses. Isaiah. John. Paul... God interjects, time and time again, into lives like these to teach, direct, reveal, promise, restore, and heal. In all of this we find a God who is not far off and aloof, distant from his creation, but one who is involved, near, planning, and guiding all of human history.

What do these great questions of God reveal about him? What do they tell us about ourselves? Ultimately, how do they point us to the centerpiece of the entire Biblical narrative — Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world?

This summer series will take us on a journey from Genesis to the book of Acts as we look at some of God’s Great Questions together. Each week giving us further insight into the nature and character of God who has been, and is still, at work in all the twists and turns of his creation’s story. 

August 2017

July 2017