the true leader of the church is Jesus Christ. Ephesians 1:22 and Colossians 1:18 lead us to believe that he is the head of the church. as we pursue faithfulness to scripture we are called to serve Jesus and follow him as a church and as leaders in the church. we listen to his word and strive to do what he says through the power of the spirit that he has sent. we seek to lead as he led - sacrificially, courageously, and selflessly. we consider the world and the church through his eyes and pursue faithfulness to his ways. this is what it means to have jesus as our leader, he is the senior pastor of the church. this is a sincere gospel-motivated desire at Stonehouse Church rather than a presumptuous stance to alleviate leadership responsibility. our hope as leaders is that the church would follow jesus just as we do.  


                                                        Derrick Phillips

                                                       Derrick Phillips

Derrick was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and has communicated the gospel to various groups of people in many states and several countries over the last 20 years. The son of a carpenter, Derrick loves old homes and restoration and hard work. He prefers doing over watching and usually has to learn the hard way. He is the recipient of immense grace from Jesus and is passionate about communicating that grace in tangible, applicable ways in today’s rapidly changing culture. He studied Bible and Pastoral Studies at Global University. Among his passions are the great sport of ice hockey, good coffee, local food, craft beer, reading, writing and, most importantly, dating his wife. 

After living in Illinois, North Carolina, Michigan and Minnesota, he and his wife Rachel returned to her home state of Florida and made St. Petersburg their home in the fall of 2013. They live in and love what St. Pete is becoming. They are excited about the prospects of living in and loving this city as she finds her new identity. Derrick serves as the teaching pastor at Stonehouse.

     Jason Morris

    Jason Morris

Jason was born and raised in Pinellas County, FL, and has resided there most of his life. He is the younger of two boys. He grew up with a passion for sports, and later developed an affinity for playing music. You may catch him at a gig playing drums with his wife, Kelly, on occasion. He enjoys cooking, and is both a craft beer-lover and coffee snob. His interest in counseling and human behavior led him to obtain his B.A. in Psychology from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, where he now works as an office manager for the College of Arts and Sciences. He is also currently pursuing his M.B.A.  He and Kelly currently live in St. Petersburg, FL and love all that the city has to offer.

Jason believes that God's grace is always more profound than we believe it to be, and is grateful that God can and will do remarkable things through flawed people like himself. He has been a bi-vocational pastor at Stonehouse since December 2013; he shares in the work of shepherding the church and currently oversees the music at stonehouse with his beautiful wife, Kelly, whom he married on January 23rd, 2016. 


according to 1 timothy 3:13 "those who serve well as deacons gain a good standing for themselves and also great confidence in the faith that is in Christ Jesus." The deacon role in the local church is a role of service to Jesus by serving his bride. At stonehouse church our deacons are nominated by and from within the local church membership. we are currently establishing this practice with the hope of installing deacons this year.