Paul’s letter to the Philippian church is a rich theological treatise that includes topics such as joy, humility, our union to Christ, our fellowship in the church, our citizenship in heaven, and God’s grace. a spectacular “Messiah poem” at the center of the book stands as a centerpiece for the entire letter where Paul artfully and gloriously unveils a portrait of the exalted Christ who was given “the name that is above every name.” The reason Paul gives for this exaltation is that Jesus humbled himself and served more than any other “name” ever had.

Because of his humility, God exalted him. No name is greater than Jesus. 

In this series we will take one passage at a time in a slow journey through the book of philippians. In time we’ll see how following Jesus in this humble service is truly the only way to live.

Join us this Fall at 10:30am every Sunday at the PAL for this sermon series in Philippians. 

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