City Groups

Our City groups take a break from their regular weekly meetings during the summer.

This summer break allows us to lean into the rhythms of the season and have a less packed, more free and spontaneous approach to life in community. Our city group summer break runs from june to august.

a City Group is a small group of people of all ages from all walks of life. CITY GROUPS ARE THE LOCAL CHURCH ON A MORE PERSONAL LEVEL, A PLACE WHERE WE CAN BUILD UP AND ENCOURAGE ONE ANOTHER. each city group has a weekly meeting where they gather to worship jesus by reading and discussing scripture, eating together, praying for each other and pointing one another to the gospel. 

The ultimate goal for a City Group is to develop a community of christ FOLLOWERS where Jesus is experienced in a true and transforming way. These groups lead us toward living out our faith in a real environment. That environment is community. Just as plants need soil to grow in, we need relationships for thriving. A living faith connected with others gives a real-time place for growth in the gospel. Developing this kind of community Is not automatic, often it isn't easy and it can even be uncomfortable — but in time, with endurance, and the Spirit’s help, it becomes beautiful.