Stonehouse Church officially partners with The Acts 29 Network, a network of churches that trains and supports church planters.

There are 28 chapters in the book of Acts. The name “Acts 29” reflects the conviction that God is still at work through his Spirit to continue what was begun in the first century. We are simply seeking to follow in the pattern of Spirit-led and Scripture-directed church planting and evangelistic ministry that began in Acts and has continued in every age through God’s faithful servants.

As a peer to peer network, there is no mandated philosophy of ministry in Acts 29. However, our missional perspective flows out of a very high view of scripture on the one hand, and a total commitment to engage contemporary culture with the Gospel on the other hand, using every effective means of communication. When it comes to the Gospel we do not innovate. When it comes to culture, however, we seek continually to be innovative in our means of communication.

For more information about The Acts 29 Network, we encourage you to visit the website:

Church Planting

Stonehouse is a church plant and we are committed to church planting. This local church is the product of other church planting churches that helped train, resource and send leaders to make a church in downtown St. Pete possible. If you have connected with us in St. Pete and find yourself in an area where you don't know which church to connect with we may be able to help you through the network of relationships we have. 

Send us a message to let us know where you are trying to find a church and we'll do our best to help connect you to faithful, gospel loving, missional churches near you!